Micromax Dual 5’s anti theft

How to use Micromax Dual 5’s anti theft feature, military grade security

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Micromax, the leading Indian mobile manufacturer, last week unveiled their flagship killer of 2017, the Dual 5. The phone comes packed with high end specs like running the latest Android operating system, dual cameras, mustang level processors, fingerprint sensors on the back, loads of battery juice for the day.

Micromax Dual 5

However the least mentioned of these were the immense security measures the Indian mobile manufacturer is ready to provide us. They compare it with EAL 5+ (which is a software calibrate military personnel use for their security). Supposedly some of the strongest anti-theft features on a smartphone. The level of security could be compared to that of using a President’s phone. Maybe that’s why Micromax cares a lot about user’s personal security and privacy. Something like what Blackberry was doing with their phones. They had a private satellite just for their phones so calls and messages going through Blackberry phones to-and-fro are secure and within their servers. Calls were crystal clear compared to the other phones those days. Except, those were just calls and messages. This is more than that. Micromax just leveled up their game in competition with other smartphone makers with this security feature. They’re doing something that other smartphone manufacturers might look up to when making smartphones later in the future.

Micromax Dual 5’s anti theft

The Dual 5 will come armed with individual security chip built into its hardware which will come with encrypted storage of passwords. This is in regard with recent privacy concerns over smartphone users. Ever since the NSA digging up every US citizens phone and private data through cell phones and browser history, most of the head of big smartphone companies like Apple, Google, Samsung have gone against the same. The freedom for user privacy remains an issue to resolve.

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Encryption of passwords mean that the data is converted into code that remains in the core of the software. Unauthorized usage won’t be possible. The phone comes equipped with a SafeSwitch feature. Upon theft and removal of the SIM, the phone asks you for the password you set earlier when setting up your phone, if the wrong password is provided, the software locks the hardware buttons making you unable to switch off the phone. And within 60 minutes if the correct password isn’t provided, it wipes all your data, takes a picture of the person who is trying to hack into your phone and sends it to a preselected number for safety reasons. And to keep all your files secure, the Dual 5 comes with a Secure Vault. You can unlock it with the fingerprint you input when setting up your phone. This way, unwanted people won’t get access to your pictures, videos and apps. All your personal information and files are now secure!